-There'll be a beautiful girl crying in your bed
the clock will say 'tick'
but she will never leave you-

(it was just a dream)


his words were like a grave
whispered 'see me'
this time I gave my heart
touched the cloudy sky

(the rain began again)


I was not someone 'dark'
like a winter light
was he thinking the same thing?
the question came out into the bloody night

Dark Light

I've got the skeleton of darkness beneath my feet
he guides me through the forest
I can hear the voices -of your beasts (toujours avec moi)
-this night
is a tasteful beauty
*or* (je sais je sais)
the rhythm of my fears
I am
-the last star awake
-the grief of God
I like
-the night
my reflection is made for its light